2010 Ch Phélan Ségur

St.-Estèphe excels again – in flintstone masonry.

Saint-Estèphe, the northernmost of the classic Médoc appellations, is known for producing harsh and tough wines requiring years of cellar maturing.

2010 Château Phélan Ségur is no exception to the rule. Being rated as one out of nine Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnels in the 2003 classification, it DSC_0264is regarded as one of the finest Châteaus outside of the original 1855 Médoc classification. At 424 SEK, it does not come cheap, and in my opinion, this wine is not worth that kind of money. On the nose, it is terrific: black currant confiture, cedar tree, peppermint, minerals. 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot. On the palate, however, it is rather harsh and has a metallic and acrid, grapefrutish feel, even after hours of airing. It gets slightly better, but the acrid sensation never really diminishes. Nice length and body, though. Certainly, it is not bad, and would be ok for a wine costing half as much. However, the acridity would still be an issue. 2010 should be a forgiving vintage (this one clocks in at 14 % ABV), and maybe it is just still very young, but I would still put my money elsewhere. 88p.

la turFortunately, my Swiss colleague Christian was nice enough to give me a cheese a couple of weeks ago called La Tur, completely unknown to me. It is a blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk from Piemonte. Friday two weeks ago it was still holding together, the week after it was getting sooooft and smeeelly. My wife is not overly happy with it. Today, it was not a cheese anymore but a living animal (albeit smelling like a dead one). Truly coming apart at the seems. Magnificent! Come home from work next Friday and it will have walked away with the refrigerator. Swiss people sure knows their way around cheese, even Italian ones.

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