2010 Ch du Tertre

Château du Tertre excels again- a lightweight champion.

Like most Bordeaux 2010s, du Tertre is a relatively sun-kissed wine with Bordelais standards. However, the du Tertre is a lightweight MargauxDSC_0250 in all vintages, so the preamble in the above is fortunately true even for the “warm” vintage of 2010. I am really fond of this wine, and apparently, it never compromises with its elegant characteristic. not even in a relatively plump vintage. The 2008 was rated in a previous post.

I recently attended a 2012 Bordeaux barrel tasting with 30-40 different producers, and from a general point of view, the barrel samples of 2012 are far from complete (indeed, they have another year of barrel maturing before being bottled), and frankly come across as ungenerous and slightly grumpy. Not many of them struck a chord in me. However, the Chateau du Tertre came out nice, even in a lesser vintage like 2012. It remains to be seen whether the end result still is good about a year from now.

The nose in the 2010 du Tertre is fantastically herbaceous: cedar tree, black currants, chocolate, spices and underbrush. This is the vegetal kind I really appreciate with Bordeaux. Even though e.g, Tuscany makes fantastic Bordeaux blends, they often lack the grassy and vegetal feel of the origin. Soft, elegant and medium-bodied, still with terrific structure. Gentle but still noticable tannins. 92p.

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