A selection of May launches at Systembolaget, Part I

Monday 2 May was launch day at Systembolaget. I participated in a tasting Monday evening where 15 of the launched wines were offered.

First up were two white wines. 2010 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie from Gadais Père & Fils has a slight taste of melon. Nice acidity. Ok. 2009 Novaserra Greco di Tufo from Mastroberardino in Campania is sweet. Very pleasant smell of almond and apricots. Robust with a good body. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk a bad wine from Mastroberardino. Great producer. Good value.

Next flight starts with 2008 Pouilly Fumé from Jacques Lurton in Loire. Needless to say, it’s a hundred percent Sauvignon blanc and it is terrific. Citrus, nettles and black currant leaves on the nose. Clean and crisp with a thin waist and slightly austere finish. Second wine of this flight is 2008 Arbois Sélection from Domaine Tissot in the Jura. Deliberately oxidized, which is typical for Jura. Me don’t like.

Then comes the arguably best pair of wines of the tasting: German Riesling at it’s best. First off we have 2009 Würzburger Stein Riesling Grosses Gewächs trocken. From Juliusspital in Franken. Apples and citrus fruit. Very pure, nice attack. Powerful yet with a medium body. Very intense. Highly recommended. The next one was also killer: 2009 Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg Alte Reben Riesling trocken. From Leitz in Rheingau. Equally good but with a lot more body. Even though it’s still young there is some petrol in the nose and rubber on the palate. These are two top Rieslings for a very reasonable price. It just comes to show that few countries can match Germany when it comes two quality wines for decent money.

Next up were the evening’s first two reds. The 2009 Château des Jacques from Louis Jadot is nothing less than a nice Beaujolais (I’m not kidding). Raspberries, cherries and a slightly grassy sensation. Young and subtle with a light body. Should be drunk a little chilled. Surprisingly good. 2008 Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Jean Grivot just confirms my thesis that it is useless to buy a Pinot from Bourgogne for less than 300 SEK (if even that’s enough). The taste is promising: cooked root vegetables, plum, spices. The taste is a disappointment though. Thin and ungenerous. Are these grapes even ripe? Go for an NZ Pinot instead. I strongly recommend 2009 Gumfields Pinot Noir which I had at a mini tasting at work the other night. Beats the Grivot any day with one hand tied behind its back.

That’s it for now. I’ll get back to you within a couple of days with Part II.

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