CNdP Revisited (Again)

I told you a couple of weeks ago about the 2007 Les Callioux Châteauneuf du Pape. Rather noisy when unaired but very enjoyable after 2-3 hours out in the open. Well, I bought a case of the 08 as well; I thought of it as a case for drinking now while storing the 07, at least for a couple of years. I also bought a case of the 08 Mordorée CndP and 08 Vieux Telegraphe CndP. I’ll get back to those two later.

I aired the 08 Les Cailloux for 2 hours before drinking. When compared to the 07, it’s much softer. Very smooth and not as animalic. Blackberries and a predominance of licorice/aniseed. Not really inferior to the 07, just different. 14 % ABV as compared to the 07 which is 15 % ABV. I prefer the less alcoholic one. In my mind, a slight problem with (at least before they have calmed down a couple of years) the 07s is that they exhibit TOO much power, thereby somewhat lacking in elegance and balance. I’d definitely drink my CNdP 08s during the next couple of years before turning to the 07s. An upside is that the 08s are cheaper than the 07s. I paid about €23 vs. €28. Rumour has it that 09 is another “great” year, probably meaning steeper prices. 91p.

2006 Tenuta Belguardo from Mazzei Winery in Maremma, Toscana is one nice wine. 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc. It’s always nice NOT to experience the sensation of cherries in an Italian wine for a change. This one has blackberries, plum and a slight touch of tobacco on the nose. Powerful without being overwhelming. Long aftertaste and very balanced with well-integrated tannins. 89p.

I had this one the beginning of this year as well, and remembered it as a lot harsher. They have a couple of cases left at the Systembolaget for 239 SEK. Recommended. You already know it, but the sweet taste of Bordeaux lingers in Maremma and Bolgheri!

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